Hello! My name is Lettie Jane Rennekamp, I'm an artist working in Portland, Oregon by way of Kentucky.

I love to draw vases, naked ladies, oak leaves, hippy-looking suns, moons, eyes, hands and a myriad of other iconography. Add to this some fancy handwriting giving myself advice and you've got the basic recipe for what I do.

I've been working on a tarot deck that embraces a wider array of body-types, genders and my own self-image to be more inclusive and represent myself and those I see around me in all of our glorious, perfect beauty. If you would like to hear about the Kickstarter where you can pre-order a deck, please join my mailing list

"Rennekamp’s illustrations are bold and tender at the same time, depicting motherhood, varying versions of gender expression, community, and nature all together. Her friends, her son, and her own image make appearances in the deck." - Amy Subach

I love collaborative drawing and drawing in public. You will find me hosting a regular drink and draw and trying to put myself behind the pencil at art events around Portland, OR. It's the perfect combination of two of my favorite things: drawing and talking to people.

(first Sundays with Cassandra Swan at Paymaster Lounge)
(second Thursdays with Cat O'dell at Ps & Qs Market)

I spend my days chasing my four-year-old wild child about and my nights talking pizza or drawing. Somewhere in between I try to teach high school students that we are all artists. My favorite things are swimming in cold water in the summer and soaking in hot water in the winter. If you want to take me surfing, I'll be your best friend.

Follow me on Instagram @lettiejanemakes

The beautiful portraits of me and my son were taken by the talented Anya Chibis